Trust Membership

Become part of our Trust today- It’s quick, easy and free

We want to hear from our community on how we can improve on the services we offer. As a Foundation Trust, you can become a member and have a direct voice in what we do.

Membership is free, and gives no obligation but offers you the opportunity to become more involved in what we do and how we are working to improve our Trust. We welcome members of the public from Tameside and Glossop, and from further afield, to join our Trust.

If you join us, you will-

  • Be sent the Trust’s twice-yearly electronic membership magazine, with details of the Trust’s activities, how you can get involved, and expected events and developments.
  • Have the opportunity to vote in the selection of the community’s representatives to the Trust, in our regular election of Governors
  • Have the opportunity yourself to offer your services as a Governor to your community.

You will also receive regular information about our wider public engagement work, including the Public Engagement Network (PEN), with Tameside Council, to consult our communities on key areas of development.

If you want to become a member, please click on the link at the top of the page, and fill in the form. If you would like more information, please e-mail the Trust Secretary, Susan Rudd, at and she will be happy to help.

On the 1st September 2016 Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust became Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust. 

Foundation Trusts are still part of the NHS and subject to rigorous inspections like the rest of the NHS, but patients, staff and local residents also have a say in how those standards are met and developed. This allows Foundation Trusts to tailor their services to best meet the needs of the local community.

Foundation Trusts have a Trust Board which consists of executive and non-executive directors. These directors are legally responsible for the running of the Trust, and consult with governors and members on issues of strategic importance.

We believe that Foundation Trust status brings real benefits for our patients, our staff and the local community.

Tameside & Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust is a newly formed Integrated Care Organisation formed on the 1st September 2016. The Trust is using the Foundation Trust licence of the former Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust which was established as a Foundation Trust on February 1st 2008.

  • The Trust has responsibility for determining our own destiny – which means we are able to make faster decisions and have greater flexibility to provide services to meet local needs
  • The Trust has stronger links into our communities – which means greater accountability to our patients, local people and partner organisations
  • The Trust has increased organisational development opportunities – which means we can grow and develop as an organisation, and rise to the challenge of providing high quality local services
  • The Trust is able to deliver service improvement more quickly – which includes taking advantage of new ways to raise funds and access capital
  • The Trust has greater financial freedom – ability to plan and manage our finances with increased clarity, certainty and stability

One of the most important features of an NHS Foundation Trust is the establishment of a Council of Governors.

Our members are the driving force behind our Foundation Trust and help us to move forward. Their contribution has proved invaluable and we always welcome more members.

Your feedback is really important to us - it's how we find out what we are doing right and what you'd like to see happen in the future.

There are no fees or obligations and you can be as active as you like – from receiving literature, to attending meetings and voting in governor elections or even standing as a governor yourself.

The members of our Foundation Trust will:

  • help make the Trust more accountable to local people, and better able to listen to local views
  • vote in the election of people to sit on and represent you on the Council of Governors
  • be able to stand for election to the Council of Governors

As a member of our Foundation Trust you will be able to help shape the future of Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust.

As a member you will receive:

  • entitlement to join NHS discount scheme website, which provides great deals, savings, helplines, offers and more.
  • Twice yearly free electronic newsletter called 'Trust' which updates you on all of our latest news and developments 
  • Please check out latest news section to find out more about what's happening in your local health and care organisation 

To become a member of our Foundation Trust, you need to be one of the following:

  • a Tameside or Glossop resident
  • been a patient at hospital in the last five years
  • a member of staff or a volunteer
  • from the rest of England and Wales.


  • are over 16 years old
  • agree with the principles and objectives of the Foundation Trust.
  • are not a "vexatious complainant" as defined in the Trust Complaints Policy.
  • have not been the subject of official action by the Trust for acts of violence and aggression against our staff.
  • are not a registered sex offender.