Interpretation and Translation

At Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust we aim to ensure equal access to our services by recognising and responding to people’s personal needs. Our interpreting service aims to help people whose first language is not English who require an interpreter to communicate confidently with staff during their hospital appointments. People who are d/Deaf can also get expert support from British Sign Language interpreters, and people who are visually impaired can request documents in different formats. We want to provide a high quality professional interpreting and signing service that is appropriate, acceptable and accessible. Interpreting services at our sites are provided via telephone or face to face.

Accessing Interpreters

The Trust currently has a partnership to provide interpretation and translation services with DA Languages who are a leading provider of language services to the NHS, with access to over 450 languages sharing the goal of improving patient experience. A range of interpretation and translation services are available that supports people who require these services. To book these services please let a member of the booking staff know about your language requirements. Your GP may also notify the Trust of these through your referral letter, and if you can also contact our appointments team at 0161 922 6991 to let us know about your language needs.

Understanding your needs 

We aim to record and respond to your communication needs and preferences when you first come to use our services. Where your requirements change, please let us know so that we have up-to-date information. When you arrive for your appointment please also let us know if you have any communication or information needs, so that we can respond to these.

Telephone Interpretation 

This is currently the main method of language communication when a referral is made for translation services. At the time of the appointment the telephone interpretation line is connected for communication to provide a quick a responsive service across a range of services. This helps us to provide people with quick access to an interpreter, including in urgent situations, to support communication.

Face to Face Interpretation 

Face to Face interpretation is available for people in a number of circumstances to support their appointments and interactions with staff. Face to Face interpreters are all skilled and have experience working within an NHS environment, with many having received additional training. Face to Face interpreters are booked in advance and all our interpreters have appropriate interpreting qualifications and have been fully checked.

British Sign Language Interpretation  

People who are d/Deaf can also get expert support from British Sign Language interpreters. If you require a BSL interpreter please let the booking team know ahead of your appointment.

Translation services 

If you require information to be translated in another language please contact the relevant department who can support you with this. If you have any further questions about alternative formats you can contact the Health Information Centre on or 0161 922 5332 to discuss what additional resources are available, or contact the Patient Experience Team at: