Who are we?

We are a multi-faith team that offers pastoral, spiritual and religious care to patients, visitors and staff. You do not have to think of yourself as ‘religious’ to make use of our service. Our aim is to enhance patient and carer experience and offer support to staff.

The role of a chaplain is to be involved in the holistic care of the patient, which includes the patient’s physical health as well as their social, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

  • Mohamed Seedat – Lead Chaplain
  • Neil Craine – Deputy Chaplain
  • Jean Hurlston – Assistant Chaplain
  • Jack Hemsworth – Assistant Chaplain
  • Chaplain Volunteers

Staff can contact the team on your behalf.

Chaplains are available for urgent spiritual or religious needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For those who wish to take time to pray and reflect, there are two multi-faith prayer rooms in the Ladysmith Building with resources there for different faith communities. It is available to all patients, staff, relatives and visitors and open 24 hours for quiet personal space.

No faith-specific symbols are kept on display, but resources and artefacts are available in the cupboards for the use of all as needed.

Weddings and private memorial services can be arranged.

Religious services that take place in the multi-faith prayer rooms include:

Holy Communion Service

Holy Communion, Ecumenical Service (Church of England and Free Church)

Every Tuesday at midday in The Chapel, Ladysmith Building.

If you would like to attend please mention it to the visiting chaplain or ask a member of staff to contact the team.

Roman Catholic Mass

Roman Catholic Mass Service (Roman Catholic Church)

Every Wednesday at midday in The Chapel, Ladysmith Building

Friday Prayers

Jummah Salaah times are as follows:

12:45pm First Khutbah
1:15pm Second Khutbah

1:20pm First Khutbah
1:40pm Second Khutbah


If you would like to attend any of the services, please ask a member of staff to contact the Chaplaincy Team on 0161 922 5333.

We are here to help people during periods of suffering, uncertainty, loss and fear. We are here to be with those who often find themselves asking questions about what is important in life and death. Chaplains would be available to visit patients and families at end of life for people of faith and no faith.

When a loved one dies we may need someone to talk to. Often this support comes from family and friends, but sometimes it helps to talk to someone who is independent.

Chaplains are available to support you and your family and will be there to listen.

If a you require the presence of chaplain when visiting the Bereavement Centre, please inform the Bereavement Centre or contact Chaplaincy on 0161 922 6000.

We celebrate the birth of your child by gifting the parents a card and blessings.

Chaplains will visit the Maternity ward for baby blessings.

The Muslim Chaplain is available to perform the Athaan for babies. Please contact switchboard on 0161 922 6000 and ask for the Muslim Chaplain.

A short service of Remembrance is held every year on the 11th November starting at 10.50am at the Hartshead South Atrium. Contributions to the service involves patients, staff and visitors. If you would like to play a part in the service please do contact us on 0161 922 5333.

Memorial Service

A memorial service will be held for all the loved ones that have passed away in this hospital on the ‘last Sunday in October at 2pm’ in the Chapel, Ladysmith Building.

The service is open to all.

A Baby Memorial Service is held on the third Sunday each November at 2pm at the United Albion Church, Ashton under Lyne. Refreshments are served after the service, which also provides an opportunity for families to speak in a relaxed environment with the midwives or members of the Chaplaincy Team if they wish.

In appreciation of the hard work and dedication for hospital staff a Thanksgiving Service is held ‘on the last Sunday in September at 2pm.

The service is open to all.

A carol service, open to all, is held at the Hartshead South Atrium each December (see Events for date) at 1.00pm. 

Carol singing on the wards with patient participation is held on Christmas Eve and is appreciated by many who want to share the joy of Christmas.

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