Here at Tameside and Glossop IC NHS FT we are proud to say we are a Veteran Aware NHS Trust.

As a member of the Veterans Covenant Hospital Alliance, the Trust shares and drives best practice in NHS care for people who serve or have served in the UK armed forces and their families, in line with the Armed Forces Covenant.

What you can expect in this hospital:

  • We support the health commitments of the Armed Forces Covenant.
  • We are committed to ensuring no disadvantage and giving special consideration where appropriate.
  • We have educated and trained all relevant staff to identify and respond to veterans’ needs.
  • We also support the UK armed forces community as an employer.

The NHS is committed to the Armed Forces Covenant, which is a promise by the nation that those who serve or who have served in the UK armed forces, and their families, will be treated fairly. It has two key principles:

  1. The armed forces community should not face disadvantage compared to other citizens in the provision of public and commercial services.
  2. Special consideration is appropriate in some cases, especially for those who have given most such as the injured and the bereaved.

Veterans and their families should not be at a disadvantage in accessing appropriate health services.

The NHS always prioritises people with the most urgent clinical need. At the same time, we must recognise patients' health and social needs and act on them. We are working to make sure this happens.

To learn more about the Veterans Covenant Hospital Alliance and what it means for NHS hospitals to be Veteran Aware, please click here.

Armed Forces Covenant Silver Award.jpgThe Trust has held a Silver Award in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme since 2020.

Silver Award holders:

  • must have signed the Armed Forces Covenant
  • the employer must already hold the Bronze Award
  • must not disadvantage service personnel and the armed forces community as part of their recruiting and selection processes
  • ensure that their workforce is aware of their positive policies towards defence people issues. 

We are proud to support Step into Health.

Step into Health is made up of NHS organisations which have pledged their support to the programme.

Through Step into Health, members of the Armed Forces community can connect to NHS organisations to  set up training opportunities, clinical and general work placements, insight days and receive application support. The programme provides a dedicated pathway into a career in the NHS.

To find out more click the link to the Step into Health website in the related links section.