Publish date: 18 October 2023

Cancer patients in Tameside and Glossop are now receiving personalised advice and support at the click of a button thanks to a new app.

Launched in September 2023, Tameside and Glossop NHS ICFT’s Patient Portal is a one-stop shop for cancer-related health and wellbeing information.

Patients can access a variety of information and guides, and liaise with the Cancer Care Co-Ordinators about their care.

The app allows the Cancer team to give personalised support as patients move through the different stages of treatment.

The new digital option is in addition to the current ways patients can access support such as via telephone, e-mail or in-person.

Steph Gooder, Macmillan Lead Cancer Nurse for TGICFT, said: “The launch of the app has allowed the team to deliver targeted, personalised support to our patients.

“We can now offer relevant information digitally as patients reach the various stages of their cancer treatment journey, and means we can avoid overwhelming them with too much information at any one time.

“It has been really well received by our patients and the chat function adds an additional way patients can communicate with the team.”