Publish date: 22 November 2022

At the start of November 2022, the Community IV Therapy team celebrated the first anniversary of the opening of their Community IV Clinic at Ashton Primary Care Centre. 

The clinic was set up to provide a range of intravenous medication in a community setting, which means many patients no longer have to attend the hospital for treatment.

Medications administered include iron, antibiotics and bisphosphonates to improve patient bone health.  The Community IV Therapy team consists of specialist nurses who provide these treatments in the clinic and patients’ homes. 

So far they have prevented more than 300 hospital admissions and the number per month is increasing.  New pathways are being introduced that will allow them to support endocrinology, urology and rheumatology patients. 

Patient feedback has been incredibly positive, they’ve said they appreciate the flexibility of the service and the opportunity to avoid hospital admission. 

Team Lead Kellie Huyton said: “Providing care in a specialist environment away from the hospital allows us to be flexible to patient needs and provide a very high quality of service.  The clinic allowed us to expand the service by introducing new pathways and increasing the number of people that we could see.”