Publish date: 26 February 2024

The latest members of staff to receive a Who's Your Hero award at Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust have been revealed.

Winners are nominated by members of the public and fellow colleagues for outstanding acts of empathy, bravery and professional excellence.

See below for our latest round of winners and the reasons they were nominated for the award.

Brenda Rumney.JPG

Brenda received two awards after separate, unrelated nominations.

The first nomination came from a student nurse whom Brenda had taken under her wing during a placement.

In a glowing report of the support they received, the student wrote: “Brenda pushed me to be more confident in myself and gave me the time a student needs.

“It takes a special person to be the perfect nurse and that’s Brenda. Patients’ faces light up when they see Brenda is their nurse, she is an amazing advocate for patients and goes above and beyond to make sure their care is everything they need.”

The second nomination described her brave actions following a traffic accident.

While travelling back from London, Brenda noticed a vehicle that had been involved in a crash and her first thought was the safety of the people in the car.

She was the first on the scene and gave excellent care to the people involved, with the respect and dignity she would give any patient.

Helen Harris.JPG

Helen Harris, a Nurse Consultant in Palliative Care, was described as a role model to her colleagues, consistently advocating for patients and their loved ones.

In what must often be emotionally challenging times, Helen is never afraid to have difficult conversations, maintaining compassion for patients throughout. 

Helen’s example has inspired her colleagues to give the highest level of care and empathy possible. She is the model example of a good nurse and underestimates how many people aspire to have her qualities and determination. 

Her team describe her as “an absolute joy to be around”.

James Pearson.png

James Pearson was nominated for recognition when working as an education training and development administrator for the exceptional support he provided to a new starter at the Trust.

The member of staff had to rearrange training following a bereavement and James’s compassion and sensitivity made a difficult situation a little easier.

When nominating James for the award, the staff member said: “I had training booked which unfortunately I had to cancel. I explained the situation to James and he assisted in rebooking the next available course. There was no judgment, he understood and remained incredibly professional.

“James helped me adapt to my new role as ward manager, assisting in the best ways for me to organise training. He has been amazing and has helped me organise staff training sessions too, which has had a positive impact on patient safety.”

Mel Wildman.JPG

Deputy Head of Midwifery Mel Wildman was nominated for the accolade because of the huge difference she’s made to the department since joining the Trust a little over a year ago.

Mel’s colleagues were keen to speak about the improvement to morale in the team, as well as the initiative she has spearheaded to help staff develop.

There has also been a marked increase in retention and recruitment in Maternity, thanks in no small part to Mel’s efforts. Staff in the unit have praised Mel’s managerial style, the support she provides and the respect she shows the entire team.

Nick Lees.JPG

Volunteer, Nick Lees, was nominated for special recognition for his unwavering commitment to others, the huge respect he always shows to our patients and his eagerness to help with any job that needs doing.

Nick was also recognised as ‘Highly Commended’ for Volunteer of the Year at the Trust’s 2023 Everyone Matters Awards.

Orthopaedics Receptionists.JPG

Based in Green Suite in Hartshead North, the Orthopaedic Outpatient Reception Team were nominated for the award for ‘the standard of care and respect they are giving the whole department’, and their unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of patients while they wait in a busy clinic.

The recent temporary merger of Orthopaedic Outpatients with the Emergency Department Minors Unit has placed extra demand on the reception, a challenge they have risen to, while retaining their professionalism and empathy for all their patients.

Simon Robinson.JPG

Estates Electrical Officer, Simon Robinson, was nominated for his unwavering commitment to his role and the leadership of his team, supporting senior management when called upon.

Simon’s dedication to his colleagues has helped them through a challenging period.

This was particularly apparent when the Head of Estates had to take time off, requiring Simon to deputise. His efforts meant that the day-to-day running of the department and services in the wider Trust remained uninterrupted.

Steve Wild.JPG

Joiner, Steve Wild, has worked at the Trust for almost 40 years.

Steve’s knowledge of every ward, office and building on the site is second to none. That expertise and experience is put to good use by Steve, not only carrying out prompt repairs during working hours but also when the unexpected strikes in the evening or at weekends.

For example, Steve was recently called out at 3.30am to deal with an emergency repair before reporting for duty at 8am later the same day.