Publish date: 1 July 2022

The Fibreoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) machine will be used for assessing in and out patients’ ability to swallow, providing objective evidence that can then be used to form a more timely diagnosis.

Issues with swallowing are common in patients who have had a stroke and the new machine will be used to help optimise the recovery of patients in Critical Care initially, with the Stroke Rehabilitation and the Respiratory units planned to follow. .

Peter Weller, Chief Nurse said, “This is a perfect practical example of working together across different disciplines to keep patients well and delivering better and more efficient outcomes.  Our Speech and Language Therapy Team have significant influence in ensuring quality and safe care and this investment will have a major impact.”

Staff in the Trust’s Speech and Language Therapy Team are currently undertaking training to be able to use the FEES machine and the team are hoping to be using it clinically in the late summer.