Hartshead Building South

1st Floor - take lift or stairs - press intercom for access

Tameside & Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust
Fountain Street

The Children’s Unit provides 24 hour inpatient treatment and day case care. It has been specifically designed to ensure all children and young people’s needs are catered for. A bed on the unit will be allocated according to your child’s age and condition.

We offer a range of facilities for all children and their families. We have a playroom, play area and a dedicated adolescent room where young people can access an excellent range of age appropriate activities.

We are able to provide care for children and young people requiring a higher dependency of care in our resuscitation and stabilisation area. Children who require intensive care will be stabilised and transferred out by a specialist team from the North West Transport Service which includes senior doctors and nurses. The team stabilise and transport these children to the nearest children’s intensive care unit facility with an available bed.

The team work closely with all members of the multidisciplinary team in order to deliver evidence based care to a high standard which ultimately empowers both the parents and carers and the child in preparation for discharge.

The unit’s aim is to support both the parents and carers and the child by providing individualised care that meets and responds to the ever changing field of paediatric nursing.

We actively encourage parent and carer involvement in their child’s care by providing facilities to enable them to be resident throughout their stay.

We recognise that children are unique developing individuals whose best interest is our main concern. All children and their families will be greeted in a calm, friendly and professional manner, receiving equal care regardless of their cultural or social background and religious, cultural and traditional beliefs are always respected. We endeavour to understand individual perspectives, opinions and feelings and acknowledge rights to privacy of children, adolescents and families.

The nurse will act as an advocate for the child and family and will encourage family centred care. We aim to give children and families the information, support and reassurance they need. We value the use of recreation and distraction play.

Procedures are only performed when necessary following discussion and informed consent is obtained. Our aim is to provide the highest standard of care through evidence based practice, we liaise with the multi-disciplinary team to ensure continuity of care and the department provides an environment conducive to learning and teaching.