Welcome to The Hearing Centre - AdultThe logo of the hearing centre Audiology Services

We provide a full assessment, diagnostic, and rehabilitation service for adults and children with hearing difficulties. We aim to provide high quality, effective and evidence based patient centred care.

As a department we want our patients to feel satisfied, comfortable and to have trust in us by continuously offering our patients care and support.

Booked appointments are available at Tameside Hospital and local clinics.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

Tel: 0161 922 6381

Email: hearing@tgh.nhs.uk

Adult Servicesan audiogram

  • Audiogram
  • Adult Assessment & Management (AQP)
  • Adult Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Support Sessions 

Complex Adult Service

  • Complex Adult Assessment & Management of Complex Hearing Losses & Aid Provision (non-AQP) including Severe and Profound Losses, CROS/Bi-CROS aids
  • Complex Adults with Learning Disabilities - Assessment & Management
  • Complex Adults with Dementia - Assessment & Management
  • Complex Diagnostics -  Including Speech Testing, Speech in Noise Testing, Non-Organic Loss Testing, Speech Mapping
  • Audiology Led MRI pathway - asymmetrical hearing loss/tinnitus  (ENT approval gained & Awaiting Radiology approval)
  • Sudden onset of Hearing Loss - Assessment

Transition Service

  • Transitioning from paediatric to adult service

Tinnitus Assessment and Management

Tinnitus information, management strategies, coping techniques, hearing aid provision, combination devices etc.

Wax Removal Service

  • BSA Guidance Micro-suction for all routine patients
  • Complex Micro-suction (via ENT referral pathway)


  • Well established community service to health centres in Tameside and Glossop
  • Domiciliary visits
  • Ward visits at Tameside Hospital

Hearing aid.JPG

  • Latest technology hearing aids
  • Hearing aids are individually programmed through a computer, to the person’s hearing test
  • Hearing tests are recommended every three years
  • There are different ear fittings which can be fitted dependent on the patients hearing needs; Minifit / Thin Tubes or ear moulds
  • Programmes can be added to enhance listening in different environments - these are activated by the Audiologist after discussing the patients individual requirements
  • The Audiologist will have in depth discussions before and after the hearing aid fitting


ear mould hearing aid in earMaintenance - Earmould

You need your hearing aid tubing changing every six months.

Book an appointment at the hospital or outreach clinic. Please specify your preferred location when making the appointment.

mini fit/thin tube hearing aid in earMaintenance - Minifit / Thin Tube

You need your hearing aid tubing changing every six months.

Book an appointment at the hospital or outreach clinic. Please specify your preferred location when making the appointment.

swim plugs

Swim moulds provide an opportunity to adults and young children to take part in their normal day to day water based activities, such as showering, swimming etc. Swim moulds generally provide an added layer of protection, protecting the ear canal and middle ear from infections.

There is an additional cost of £15 per swim plug.

If any known service users would like a swim plug please contact the department on 0161 922 6381.

A group of 9 staff members

Our team

  • 1 Audiology Service Manager - Stephanie Brindle
  • 1 Adult Audiology Lead - Katie Davenport
  • 1 Paediatric Audiology Lead - Mirriam Iqbal
  • 7 Senior Audiologists
  • 1 Audiologist
  • 2 Assistant Technical Officers (ATO)
  • 2 Receptionists

As we have close links with The University of Manchester we often have students working with us in clinic. They gain valuable experience from their time in the department. If you would prefer not to have them present, please inform the Receptionist or Audiologist in clinic.


The Hearing Centre - Audiology Services
Yellow Suite
Hartshead Building North
Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Fountain Street

Qualifications & Experience

  • Qualified via the BAAT, BSc or MSc Audiology training routes
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Currently our department works closely with:

Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Department

  • We perform various diagnostic assessments for our ENT colleagues
  • We liaise with ENT to provide a seamless service for hearing aid users

Nurse Led Clinic

In addition to our own wax clearance service we can provide a referral for wax clearance for more complex cases i.e. mastoid cavities, perforations etc.

Sensory Support Services / Social Services

Sensory Support Services / Social Services can provide help and advice on adaptations in the home.

New Referrals

We accept GP direct referrals for adults aged over 18 with hearing problems. The department offers assessments at:

  • Glossop PCC
  • Tameside Hospital
  • Home visits (if housebound)

You can state your preferable location to your GP.

Existing Patients

We operate a booked appointment system at the hospital and outreach clinics. Please specify your preferred location when making your appointment. 

Patient Care Pathway

flow chart of patient care from gp

Our community clinics are open. Please contact us to book an appointment slot and specify where you would like to be seen.  

We offer appointments at the following locations:

  • Ashton (APCC), Old Street
  • Denton, Ann Street
  • Droylsden, Albion Drive
  • Dukinfield, Dewsnap Lane
  • Glossop (GPCC), George Street
  • Hattersley, Hattersley Road East
  • Hyde, Union Street
  • Mossley, Market Street
  • Stalybridge, Waterloo Road

Assistive Devices & Advice

The following services can provide help and advice on adaptations in the home. You can self refer for these or ask you Audiologist to refer you.



Services to Deaf People, Festival Hall, Peel Street, Denton, M34 3JY

Tel: 0161 342 2575

Minicom: 0161 342 2577

Fax: 0161 342 3995

Tameside Deaf Team website



Deaf Team, Derbyshire County Council, High Street, Clay Cross, Chesterfield, S45 9JB

Tel: 01629 537 171

Text: 86555 start your text with BSL then press space then start your message

Minicom: 01246 861 852

Email: deafteam@derbyshire.gov.uk

Derbyshire Deaf Team website


Access to Work

The Access to Work scheme provides a government funded grant that can support with your employment. This can include provision of BSL interpreters whilst at work or paying for specialist equipment to work with your hearing aids. 


Equipment to help Deaf and Hard of Hearing people at home, work or in Education 


Information about hearing aids on re-tubing and fitting hearing aids, how to troubleshoot and other useful videos

British Deaf Association

The British Deaf Association is a registered charity that delivers a range of services to achieve its aims of empowering Deaf people to overcome difficulties that they face on a daily basis.

Deafblind UK

Deafblind UK is a national charity supporting people with sight and hearing loss, enabling them to live the lives they want.

The Hearing Link

The Hearing Link  helps to support you to adjust to the practical and emotional challenges that hearing loss can bring.


The RNID is a charity that supports people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.


Sense is here to help people communicate and experience the world. They believe that no one, no matter how complex their disabilities, should be isolated, left out, or unable to fulfil their potential. Their team offers personalised support through centres, holidays and short breaks, or in people's own homes.

Tinnitus Support

Take on Tinnitus is an invaluable online resource designed to help patients better understand tinnitus and offer practical ways that could help to relieve their tinnitus - rated by 85% of users as useful or very useful.

Tinnitus UK

Tinnitus UK provides information, advice and guidance. Their helpline gives confidential information and advice from a member of the Tinnitus UK team (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

Web chat: www.tinnitus.org.uk

Tel: 0800 018 0527 

Email: helpline@tinnitus.org.uk

Text: 07537 416841

If you are interested in taking part in a support group, please contact colette@tinnitus.org.uk.

Ida Institute Telecare

The Ida Institute rehabilitation tools can be accessed online by the patient directly, along with advice and support. 

Pyschology Tools

Suggestions about techniques to use for everyone during these uncertain times

Dizzyness - Controlling your symptoms

Suggestions to help reduce stress/anxiety related to dizziness: controlled breathing, relaxation, thought control, stress management.

The Silver Line

The Silver Line is a free and confidential helpline providing information, friendship and advice to older people. 

Tel: 0800 470 80 90 (phone any time)

Deaf Communication Courses

The following provide Deaf communication courses, such as British Sign Language (BSL), Lip speaking and communication support etc.


Grounding meditations can help the patient take the attention away from their dizziness and anxiety. Body scans can also be useful for grounding and to give the patients a feeling of safety.


Social Prescribing


The Social Prescribing Provider for Tameside is Action Together. They help people to set personal goals to improve their wellbeing.

They use their local community knowledge to connect people to the support and opportunities availale within their local voluntary and community sector, so that they can feel connected and meet their goals.

Visit Action Together's website


The Bureau's mission is to identify and link together community needs and solutions to enable people to live independently and improve the quality of life for local communities.

Visit The Bureau's website